Nix The Negative News Before Bed Challenge
Nix the Negative and Program the Positive - and then see how much better you feel!
The news is mostly pretty negative. If we watch it right before bed, we program our subconscious minds with thoughts of war, famine, murder, rape, poverty, and fear. If you must watch the news, try watching it earlier in the day. Reading the news instead of watching it is even better!

Your challenge is for 21 days in a row to:
1. Stop watching the news or programs with violent or negative themes right before bed, and
2. Instead, to spend a few moments focusing on a few things that you are grateful for and really letting yourself feel the gratitude. Then, write below at least one of the things for which you are really grateful. Sometimes it helps to think about simple things we take for granted like being able to see, or hear, or walk, or eat, etc. with no trouble.
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