Gossip Be Gone Challenge
This is one of our most difficult challenges of all. For 21 days, do not say anything bad about anyone. It's a tough one, but a good one!
This Challenge is for you to hold off from saying anything negative about anyone for 21 days. Impossible? We don't think so! Terribly difficult?! You betcha!!! It's human nature to talk about others, especially about people's problems or shortcomings. Maybe we do it, in part, to feel better about ourselves.

During this Challenge, you will be sent a reminder every day for 21 days to write down whatever negative thoughts you are feeling or thinking about others so you can get them off of your chest! It'll stop you from spreading negativity around and make you feel better too!

If you don't need to get any negative feelings about others off your chest, you can write something good about someone instead, so you get credit for completing your Challenge.
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