Random Acts of Kindness Challenge
One little act of kindness done for another person sends ripples of happiness into their lives and out into the world!
1. Do one large act of kindness or three to five little acts of kindness one day a week for 6 weeks. Research has proven that people who do so experience a significant increase in their happiness levels. They should be acts of kindness that go above and beyond your normal daily kindness routine. You should also mix up and vary the acts of kindness to keep it interesting and fun.

2. The second part of your challenge is to write about how it made you feel to do the 1-5 acts of kindness in your Online Challenge Journal on the day you do them and as you write try to FEEL the good feelings again that you felt when you did the "Random Act(s) of Kindness!" Savoring the good feelings helps to build a positive brain!

You get to choose the day of the week that you would like to do your "Random Act(s) of Kindness." You will receive an email reminding you to do your challenge on that day of the week every week for 6 weeks.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
- A "Random Act of Kindness" is anything that brightens someone's day
- Send a meaningful message to a loved one
- Anonymously pay for a stranger's toll or a cup of coffee
- Help do someone's chore at home
- Visit a nursing home and ask the front desk if there is anyone there who gets no visitors and then stop by, say hello, and ask them how they are doing
- Tell a co-worker how much you enjoy working with them and the reasons why
- Pass out flowers to strangers
- Give money to a homeless person
- Smile at someone in the elevator you normally wouldn't smile at and say good morning
- Be really kind to the cashier at the check out lane. Smile, really look her in the eye and ask her how she is doing as she rings you up.
- Invent your own acts of kindness too!

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