Mental Edge Black Belt
If you can't shake off life's daily challenges and upsets... If some of the little things people say or do leave you telling them off in your head over and over again... If you hold onto resentment and anger or if you just can't easily get out of a funk then this challenge is for you!
This challenge was designed to help you gain better control over your own mind so that you will have more peace and happiness and less angst and anxiety. It was designed to help you live a better life through building and practicing a few mental habits in the face of life's daily struggles.

Most of us have developed mental habits that have created neuropathways in our brains that are like superhighways that rapidly bring us into states of stress, fear, anxiety, anger and irritation. These superhighways in our heads get stronger and faster the more we keep reacting to anger, stress or upset in an unconstructive way.

With some practice we can build alternate routes or superhighways in our heads that in the midst of anger, irritation or upset enable us to constructively acknowledge the issue and express it and then rapidly exit the negative superhighway and jump on an alternate one that quickly takes us back to feeling good!
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