Gratitude Letters "SAMPLER" Challenge
This Challenge lets you sample the first day of the 8-Day (spread over 8 weeks) Gratitude Letters Challenge by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky! If you would like to join the full Challenge after finishing the first day:
  • It is an Uplift the World Challenge that costs whatever you can afford to pay, $3, $6, or $9.
  • Up to 33% of the profits go to vetted charities that help people who are experiencing vulnerable situations like poverty and homelessness, etc. (The more of the Challenge you complete, the more money is donated!)
  • Another 33% of the profits go to the authors/scientists who have developed the Challenges and whose life's work is to help improve the lives of others.
Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, one of the world's leading scientists in Happiness research, has shown that people who identified several individuals who have been especially kind to them over the past several years and who spent 15 minutes once-a-week for eight weeks writing letters of gratitude to these individuals became much happier during and after the study. Dr. Lyubomirsky's study found that simply writing the letters was enough to produce substantial boosts in happiness even if they were never sent to the person!