Stories That Heal

Most of us will experience a major loss throughout our lifetime such as death of a loved one, heartbreak, illness, bullying, divorce, addiction, depression or sexual abuse. These experiences are deeply painful and can often leave us wounded and unable to function at our best.

The good news is that there are many helpful ways to take control to get through your loss and to feel better. Hearing other people's similar stories and privately writing about your own are two very powerful ways.

Stories that Heal (From Others)

Listen to true stories from other people who have gone through some of life's greatest losses and how they got through to the other side of them.

Listen to Stories

Write to Heal (For You)

Write down your feelings about your loss and get it off your chest. After doing so you will hit release and it will evaporate not being stored anywhere so it is completely confidential. Research shows significant benefits from expressive writing!

Write to Heal